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    TEL: 86-755-84192359
    FAX: 86-755-84192373
    Address: Intersection of Lanzhu East Road and Jinlan Road , Pingshan New Area , Shenzhen , China



     Our company was founded in 1995, the products are sold to everywhere in the country
      We offering sofa machinery and have many kinds of machines for sofa making.we use the most scientific equipment &management system to produce top quality products, with our prefessional knowledge &years exprience, we can provide the lowest price for our customers, if you have any needs &questions, please feel free to contact us, we can satisfy all you needs.

              TEL: 86-0755-84192359;   FAX: 86-0755-84192373

              E-MAIL ADD:xqlm@xqlm.com

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