Serious ICOs recognize and profit

These and many more positive examples show that fraudulent ICOs are not a reason not to participate in this form of fundraising in principle, as they may miss out on excellent opportunities to make exorbitant profits – as do those lucky people who invested early in the above-mentioned crypto currencies.

There are still positive examples of serious initial Bitcoin secret coin offerings today:

The promising skynavpro (SNP) project, which is managed by the renowned Dacher Systems GmbH – a software company that has been successfully established on the Bitcoin secret IT market since 2005 – is worth mentioning by onlinebetrug. This not only has a fully functional product long been available, which has already been produced as a prototype in 100 units, but is also a GmbH under German law, which also ensures that official regulations, including those of the BaFin, are complied with.

Skynavpro (SNP) is a project that enables pilots to call up real-time weather data at any time, navigate during the flight, avoid collisions and carry out worldwide tracking & monitoring in real time. For this purpose, the aforementioned flight boxes are used, which are connected to the Portable Devices of the flight crew. The product is also adaptable to the booming market of drones, autonomous flying is supposed to be the future.

What to look out for with cryptosoft Initial Coin Offerings

The project is therefore a prime example of what serious Initial Coin Offerings should look like, as it is not only up-to-date, but is also managed by a long-established cryptosoft company and worked on by an experienced team according to onlinebetrug. In addition, the project has a functioning product that has already been extensively tested in over 10,000 flight hours by various flight schools. This is particularly impressive because many other projects, whose Initial Coin Offerings took place a long time ago, still cannot claim this. In many cases this is also true for those crypto currencies which are already in the top 100.

Further positive aspects of skynavpro (SNP) include the team’s promise to invest the invested capital exclusively in the further development of the product, the fact that a modern online planning portal and two navigation apps have already been developed and tested with more than 25,000 flight plans and flight operations. In addition, there is a community of currently around 12,000 pilots behind the project. The positive overall picture is rounded off by the fact that the avionics market is currently undergoing radical change. This is partly due to the fact that drones, i.e. UAVs, are also on the upswing, which in turn promises enormous market potential. Apropos market potentials: In the field of avionics, a sum of 15 billion US dollars is predicted in 2020 (in 2014 it was still 10 billion US dollars) and according to Goldman Sachs, drone technology is predicted to have a market potential of 100 billion US dollars by 2020.

So what can we take with us from this article? With a little research, ICOs are still an excellent opportunity to invest in promising projects and to benefit considerably from them. The most important aspect, however, is to differentiate the numerous black sheep from serious projects such as skynavpro (SNP).

The Initial Coin Offering of skynavpro (SNP) can currently already be participated on as part of the pre-sale phase.