Update Your Twitter Profile Header Today!

Elaine Griffin Designs Twitter Profile

Twitter has rolled out some changes to the way it presents profiles. They are doing this to make you look good across all devices, so take advantage of it! My suggestion: get rid of the information and branding on the custom background, and move it to the header. What you need to know if you […]

Facebook Timeline Apps – an Update on Pinterest and More

A few months ago I wrote a tutorial about how to create your own Pinterest app for your Facebook page. At the time, I knew about WooBox and their offer for a free Pinterest app, but I’m all about teaching and empowerment, so I ignored it, and opted to offer a tutorial that would allow […]

Using #Hashtags on Twitter and Facebook

hashtags graphic by Elaine Griffin Designs

If you are new to social media, or just not one to become obsessed with all the tips, tricks, and interworkings of getting noticed on the web, you may be wondering what all these #hashtags are that are floating around. Well, welcome to the two-part series, you will learn what they are, where they came […]

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