Maximize the New Facebook Algorithm

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Since Facebook went public in May, they have made a number of changes that have downright outraged the Facebook user community. Facebook used to be a free source of advertising, a vital component for most small business and community organizations. While Facebook is still free, they have now changed their algorithm, or how they prioritize […]

Using #Hashtags on Twitter and Facebook

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If you are new to social media, or just not one to become obsessed with all the tips, tricks, and interworkings of getting noticed on the web, you may be wondering what all these #hashtags are that are floating around. Well, welcome to the two-part series, you will learn what they are, where they came […]

Guide to Pinterest Apps for the Facebook Timeline

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Editors note, August 12, 2012: Please see the update post on apps for the Facebook Timeline. Editors note, April 10, 2012: After this blog post was published I realized that Pinterest is not supporting iFrames. This means when a viewer clicks on your board through your Facebook app, they are directed to a blank page, […]

Marketing and Networking with Pinterest

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Pinterest. Love it because it’s an addictive-inspirational-time suck, or hate it because of their privacy policies, terms of use, and copyright issues. Either way, Pinterest is here, and it is a growing favorite social media tool. According to, Pinterest is gaining users at a breakneck speed since December 2011, and as of March 2012, […]

New Facebook Apps and Cover Images!

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