Everything You Need to Know about Business Cards for BlogHer ‘13

BogHer '12 Business Cards

The conference is near, and now is the time to think about those business cards! I learned a lot last year about what really does need to go on the card and what doesn’t. Last year I had fully branded cards, which means I had my image, my logo, and some graphics from my website/social […]

The EGD Design Process

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One of the first questions asked by potential clients is, “how does this work?” It can be overwhelming and confusing for people who have never been through a web design before! I thought I might take the time to break down the process. Although different web designers have different processes, this is the process that […]

Adding a Watermark to Your Instagram Images

Add a Watermark to Instagram Images

The rise of Pinterest has made bloggers increasingly aware of the importance of watermarking images. Not only does watermarking images protect against theft, it also makes viewers of the image aware of where the content originated. Watermarking is not a fool-proof protection, but it is a good start. Instagram has seen their own rise in […]

Instagram Profiles on the Web? YES!

Elaine S Griffin on Instagram

This week Instagram announced on their blog that they are rolling out web based profiles throughout the week. This is so exciting. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to use Instagram a lot more now that I can see my profiles on a screen larger than the palm of my hand! New Web […]

Verify Your Website on Pinterest Today!

Pinterest profile with a verified URL

If you use Pinterest as a marketing tool, the website verification will make it a little easier for you to have your whole profile seen by people interacting with your content. Slowly but surely Pinterest is rolling out this verification process, which will allow users to see your entire website URL in your profile and […]

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