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What You Will Get From This Blog

Awesome, easy to follow tutorials on WordPress, branding, and social media. You will leave here knowing how to do something new, and if you have trouble, you have a place to come back to and I will help you out.

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We will work together to make your online house your home.

We will work together to customize and get you familiarized with social media. It’s not as scary as it seems and is 100% necessary for business and blog success.

We will work together to build your brand!

We are PERFECT for Each Other

Why? Because I have been where you are. I get what it’s like to start or expand a business. I understand how overwhelming it can be to be a beginner blogger. Even how overwhelming it is to just feel like you need a little face lift.  Or some help figuring out the online world.

Why I’m Rad

Elaine GriffinAlso known as Laine (Lay-nee) in the blogging world, I spend my days juggling kids and work, making plans and making lists. Sometimes I write about all of that on The Laine List. I am frequently spotted dancing to music in grocery store aisles and to Weather Channel muzac at home. Word.

I like wine, cooking, autumn, Christmas, birthdays, and watching my kids when they don’t realize it. I have an extensive collection of black clothing and can’t seem to buy colors. No I am not in mourning. I just like black, it’s slimming.

Prior to my current incarnation, I was a stay at home mother and owner of a handmade clothing business. My love of graphic and web design was born out of this business, while I was working with the designer of my site. Many books, tutorials and hundreds of practicing hours later, here I am, doing something that I absolutely love.

Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you. We’re in this together!

Working with Elaine Griffin on the design of my blog was a pleasure. She is fun to work with, and she filled all my hopes and expectations of what I wanted my blog to look like. I really enjoyed her professionalism and patience while working with me. Read more testimonials…

What have you got to lose? Contact me and we’ll chat!

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