3 Simple Rules for Pairing Fonts on BlogHer

Pairing Fonts Pacifico and Francois One Elaine Griffin DesignsHello everyone! This week I am featured on BlogHer, with the post 3 Simple Rules for Pairing Fonts Every Blogger Should Know. This is part of their new series, BlogHer University. Not only did I have the pleasure of writing the post, but also participating in a Twitter chat. You can find the full #BlogHerU chats here, and the BlogHer University January Schedule here.

Don’t miss out – chats are every Tuesday and Thursday. Enjoy the post!

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6 Small Blog Design Changes That Make a Big Splash

6 Small Blog Design Changes that Make a Big Splash

Blogging is, or should be like, having a conversation. There is give and take, and the environment where the conversation is happening should be warm and welcoming. Not loud and distracting. While your blog and website design should reflect who you are and what your blog or business is about, it is important to remember that you are also designing for your potential readers and clients. People you hope to build a relationship with. Here are six of the most common blog design mistakes I see … [Continue reading...]

Social Media Marketing for Small Business: Why, What, and How


*I recently had the pleasure of speaking to the Trumansburg Area Chamber of Commerce about social media marketing. Below is my presentation turned into a blog post and infographic.* Social Media Marketing for Small Business: Why, What, and How I know for many people running a small business, social media and blogging sometimes invoke some negative feelings and imagery. We imagine blogging as something for over-achieving homemakers. In our personal lives, many of us think of social media as a … [Continue reading...]

5 WordPress Plugins for Increased User Functionality

Black Studio TinyMCE Visual Editor Widget Panel

Plugins are a great way to ease in the design of a WordPress website, and they also increase a site's functionality. Some plugins can help our clients when our job is done. While we designers should not render ourselves obsolete, I do feel like it is our responsibility to give clients increased functionality, and the confidence to harness it themselves. The five following plugins do just that. 5 WordPress Plugins for Increased User Functionality Black Studio TinyMCE Widget I’ve written … [Continue reading...]

7 Questions to Ask a Prospective Design Client

Prospective Client Questionnaire

When I am approached about logo and/or web design services, one of the first things I do is send the prospective design client a questionnaire, whether or not I've been hired yet. These seven questions help me get to know prospective clients better—which makes my job easier, and allows me to give each client the best design possible. My questionnaire is a mix of design and marketing questions that will encourage potential clients to think not only about what kind of design they want, but also … [Continue reading...]

Top 7 WordPress Plugins for New Bloggers

Top 7 WordPress Plugins for New Bloggers

There is no doubt that plugins are a great way to boost WordPress functionality and versatility. They are also a great way to help clients learn to use their site effectively, and to help them increase their visibility and grow their community. Here are my top seven WordPress plugins to get any client who is new to blogging started with a bang. WordPress SEO, by Joost de Valk This is the famous SEO plugin by Yoast, and it is a must for new bloggers. It is a great way to help your clients … [Continue reading...]

Instagram Introduces New Creative Tools

Instagram Introduces New Creative Tools Elaine Griffin

It looks like the new Instagram creative tools are going to give Snapseed a run for their money. This is good news for those of us who love the Snapseed features, but don't want the hassle of editing a photo in Snapseed and then posting it to Instagram. I do realize this is a First World problem, but for some of us, streamlining is key! Plus, we just love Instagram, don't we?! Here is what Instagram has to say about the new creative tools: Inspiring creativity is incredibly important to … [Continue reading...]

Blog Conference Design Package

Blog Conference Special Elaine Griffin Designs

Going to a blog conference this summer and you want to spruce things up? Now is your chance. Put your best blog, social media, and business cards forward. Save $100 on a design package that includes: Logo 3 hours of design Facebook, Google+, and Twitter graphics Business card design 2 hours of post-conference consult and tweaks Pssstttt...not sure you will get to a conference? No problem! You can cash in on this package with 5 hours of customization instead of using the … [Continue reading...]

WordPress Theme Review: Default Theme, Thesis, Headway, Genesis, and Elegant Themes

WordPress theme review Genesis Framework Elaine Griffin Designs

Gone are the days of web designers starting from scratch when designing a site. With so many themes and frameworks, we now have a good chunk of the coding done for us, and all we have left to do is customize based on the customer needs for functionality and aesthetics. How do we decide which theme or framework to offer our clients? The pros and cons to all themes and frameworks vary depending on the designer and the customer needs. Here are some pros and cons to a few of the most popular … [Continue reading...]